Monday, April 11, 2011

good morning starling!

I just realized that in sharing these photos, I am revealing some of the less appealing aspects of our rented house, like the busted screens.  Ah well....this is what the girls and I did this morning. Just above Eliza's bedroom window there are starlings building a nest. If you watch long enough (which we did), you can see them come and go, their little toes holding on to the edge of the gutter, their cluck and chatter as they discuss where to put the various plant material each has brought to the construction site.

The girls were watching on industrious individual try to add "a bush, mom! it's got a bush!" to the nest. Here you can see a bit of what they were looking at...
And here is one of the couple, taking a break atop a telephone pole.
I wish we could see the nest - is it neat? messy? large? small? - but nevertheless, we were very entertained.

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Jessica said...

Mother nature has some amazing creatures.Even the more common ones can provide so much for those willing to sit and watch.