Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sometimes it snows in April

After camping, we spent a few days with Dan's side of the family, near Madison.  We were greeted with...snow.  In April.
Luckily we had some welcoming cousins to spend our days with, and an aunt and gramma who made us so much good warm food; we didn't mind being inside so much.
Hogwarts Lego game, drawing, playing knights and "dance party", and did I mention eating?
Dinner at Gramma and Grampa's
After-dinner requisite photos. My camera wasn't quite cooperating, but you get the general hoo-ha.
We see these cousins once or twice a year, but all but the youngest are quick to play and hug and reminisce about the last time we played together.  It only took H a day this time to let me pal around with him. And Bob. I was in heaven.
While perusing her auntie's blog, Eliza had put in a request for biscuits with cream and berries during our visit (I can't find the post with the yummy pictures, but I'll keep looking!). Lucky girl, her aunt happily complied.
Those content faces sum up the happiness of those couple of days...they are too few and far between, but the kids go non-stop to make up for time lost.


Dan said...

love these photos!

denise said...

Have you been in Madison all week? I would say you should have written so we could have met out at a park or something...although the weather was more of a play out side in the freezing sleet and snow (not so fun). :)