Monday, April 4, 2011

sunday sunday

 It was a nearly-perfect day, in every way.  Cold weather suspended, blue skies and green popping out from everywhere, and a day to meander. Together and apart. With dearest friends.
Spring Beauties
 Yup, meandering.
 We sat for a while, between the parts of the day known as "coffee" and "beer", and made an attempt at treasure mapping together, but honestly, the day was a distraction, and the breeze was strong, so we left that for another time.
 Oh yeah, there was also Hard Work (not pictured) by Strong Men (pictured), who deserved a well-earned break to sit, and then meander.  A new tee on the golf course in the woods was cleared away, and the hole known as "snake canyon" improved upon.
 And the kids? I know you're wondering about the kids. They were there somewhere...climbing trees, sitting under the forsythia, giggling, talking, imagining, and ambushing me with hugs when I strolled by.
praying mantis egg case
Did I mention it was nearly perfect? Oh, it was....Sigh.


denise said...

it does sound wonderful!

Reba said...

I can't believe how much further along in the spring season you are there than we are surprises me every time I read about your days! The forsythia is beautiful! And how on earth did you know that was a praying mantis egg case? I am so impressed!
So glad for you about your super day.