Monday, May 9, 2011

celebrations all 'round...

Anika turns six tomorrow!!!!!! so we had a special potluck celebration last night to get things rolling...She was in charge of dessert: chocolate cone cakes. Mmmmm hmmmm.
My family gifted me a walk with a friend while they finished cleaning the house and making food.  Dan has become the potluck food maker, which I LOVE - last month when we hosted he made an amazing borscht that was a huge hit; last night it was an Italian rice and endive soup, substituting dandelion greens for the curly endive. Oh was awesome.  There were also some beautiful cards and a new book of poetry for me gracing the nature table when I returned, renewed, from the walk.
Pawpaw flowers
Beetle scribbles
shy Mayapple flowers

More pawpaws...I think they are so beautiful...

 Our gathering last night was so much fun.  It felt like the first night of summer - people hanging out on the sidewalk, the kids running in the dusk, so much good food, music, and company...
Hors d'oeuvre sculpture

Beautiful and tasty!
An odd photo of the conecakes. Well, they tasted good anyway!
This morning we woke up and it's suddenly summer!!! Our friends stayed overnight so there was playing this morning before choir.
Ani caught her first toad - Bufo Americanus!!
So long "five"...


Kerry said...

Awwww. Happy birthday Anika. I bet those cone cakes were super fun!

Debbie, your sensitive pictures are just a joy.

merry said...

You have made such a wonderful group of friends - for the whole family!I love your potlucks and wish I could be at more of them.Ani,your cone cakes look delicious!I'm so proud of you, and am thinking of you all day today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEETIE!!!I love you!