Monday, May 23, 2011

Last Day of Farm School

 Our last day of "Farm School" was this past friday, and we packed it all in to a lovely almost-summer day...
"mother may I?"
I was able to go along on the nature walk in the morning, which was a treat for me! We visited some baby bunnies and then headed to the beloved haybales for some romping.

Finding tadpoles in the vernal pond
Hay bales!
sun and puddles

While half of the children prepared our delicious lunch of lettuce wraps, the others carded wool, using a drum carder, and more traditional hand-held carders.
drum carder
partners carding
After lunch the kids had a short rap session with one of our guest facilitators.  It was a time for them to reflect and give feedback about their time at farm school this spring.  Then we divided into two groups: one group learned how to make paper, while the other played cooperative games.
Then we switched...
Passing the hula hoop around the circle
It was a perfect day to end on, with plenty to do, good energy and flow throughout the day, and the sun shining on us through it all...I have a lot to reflect on about what worked this year, and what didn't and why, but this day was a bright spot that reminds me of what it looks like when it works! I'm feeling thankful for that.

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