Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wool, Sun and Paint

We had some Making last week that I wanted to share. We found out, kind of last minute, that we were going to see some of our favorite people over the weekend! So of course we had to make something to share with them.

Eliza first made this sweetest of little fairies, and I fell in love. Deep love. She took pity on me, and now this fairy lives on my dresser, where I can see her from my bed. You're never too old for toys, right?

Ani, meanwhile, made this adorable little chick. I helped her think about how to make a ball out of the wool, and assisted with a triangle for the beak, but the rest was hers! I love its little fuzzy self. She played with it all morning before deciding that she could give it up.
Here is the second fairy that Eliza made...
...and the little lady I made, carrying her basket of eggs (our friends have chickens, see.).
Another day we got out our photosensitive paper and played around with shadows and exposure.
Of course body parts got involved...
 My favorite creation of the week, though, was this painting Eliza made for Dan for Father's Day. It is a crow's head, as seen from above, and she wrote a riddle to go with it:
I am coal black and as light as a feather
I soar through the sky, not attached to any tether.
What am I? 


Kerry said...

I like that painting too!

Oh my. I just posted about fairy-catching. Great minds, thinkin' alike.

alissa said...

I love all of your arty creations. love love love.

suzy said...

I would fall deep in love with that little fairy too! What a soulful little face she has.
The crow painting is simply beautiful.
I think I might try to get my hands on that photo sensitive paper that looks like a lot of fun!

julie said...

Love that sunprint paper! We are currently obsessed with making prints of keys, keys, and more keys. Must try to use our feet now!

Helena said...

Another Want, then. I want to be able to make those gorgeous woolly things! I want to come over and have you (and your happy kids) show us. You free for a minute or two?

What a lot of fine things you did! The photo sensitive paper with the feet? Brilliant. :)