Saturday, July 30, 2011

It's almost midnight, we're leaving in the morning for a 2-week trip to see family, I'm jacked-up on caffeine, it's hotter than heck, though some rain blew through a few minutes ago and will start to cool things down any minute now...but somewhere in the past week, there are moments just not to be forgotten in the sandstorm that is summer, so here we go with a few visual reminders of it all.
Two! On the same day!! One hard-won and painful, the other a bite of corn-on-the-cob....What a beauty!  More artwork, this time painting and collage...the artists are on fire in this house.
A late-evening bike-ride to the garden last night, alone, in the golden beautiful.
This is the moment you don't want to be leaving your garden. So much promise, so much life.

After a day of lists and tasks and playing peace officer (not very well, I have to add), I was happy to have a reason to stop and relax for a bit this evening, in the cool air of a theater.  The program Dan has been working for all summer, as a theater artist and musician, had their culminating event this evening, as a part of a Final Fridays artwalk in the town just north of us. It was such a moving evening - I swung between laughing till my stomach hurt and then crying. I am such a sucker - there is nothing more touching to me than a group of kids singing "Imagine" - and singing it really beautifully - or reading their hopes for a better world scribbled across their palms, displayed in large black and white photos: Be Nice. Don't Litter. End war.  Don't fight.  No Biting. LOVE!
One of the projects was making music videos - from writing the songs, to coming up with story ideas, making the props, costumes, filming, was so impressive. And funny.
After a day of grouchiness and feeling a certain amount of hopelessness at the lack of patience and kindness in our house, it was really uplifting to come and witness this outpouring of creative energy and happiness. When asked what they learned this summer that they didn't know before, after a slew of diverse answers (drawing with charcoal! how to use a laptop!), one little boy said, "I found out it's fun to be me."  Right. On.
What are you learning this summer???

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