Sunday, August 7, 2011

Door County Family Reunion

I can't believe I'm going to try to squeeze this into one post, but here goes....We traveled up to the "thumb" of Wisconsin this week, to gather with family from Dan's father's side, some of whom I'd never met before.  We were there for 3 nights and 2 days, one of which was rather rainy (ahhhhh - it was such a welcome change from the hot humidity!), and boy howdy did we pack it in!! It was such a wonderful mix of reconnecting with people, having some time together as our little family, and enjoying the beauty of a new place...
Ani and Grandma D
Games with The Beloved Boy Cousins
For the girls, this week meant finding new kindred spirits among some of their father's oldest kindred spirits...
Alli and Eliza
One of HUNDREDS of group photos
Aieeeee! One too many!!!
Ani has a history of disinterest in doing the group thing, but she must be, um, maturing, because she was happy, cheerful as a chicken to be in the midst of the gaggle of seventeen children, and even smiled willingly for the many many photos!

Our first full day was rainy, so after some indoor swimming (and solitary reading for that is vacation), we headed to Egg Harbor to walk around.  Near the marina were some stunning wind sculptures that I should have videotaped to show their true beauty.
Day two most of the group headed to the ferry dock for a ride to Washington Island.  This was a first-time large boat ride for most of the kids - mine don't remember riding the big car ferries in Puget Sound (mental note: must return to Pacific NW soon).  It was windy, rocky, and thrilling!!
Ani's got some sea legs on her and really enjoyed the ride there and back! Eliza held on for dear life, like her Mama (I did love it, there's just a bit of mind-over-matter and a tight grip as well).
While waiting for the return trip there was enough time for a short nature hike through the woods and meadows nearby.
Eliza and Grandma
Enough time for fairy houses...
Blue Cohosh everywhere!
As if a ferry ride weren't enough, there were ice cream cones at the Chocolate Chicken and then a trip to Jacksonport beach...
What I can't show you is the pleasant hum of people happy to be together; the late-night songfest in the lobby, complete with song sheets and old songs (thanks to Grandpa Greg!), half of the room doing their best to keep up with the tunes, the other half giving in to mounting laughter; generations catching up with each other, cousins meeting cousins' babies, cousins' babies running after each other, new names on their tongues, finally a spirit to match up with the Christmas card picture...
Sidney from Texas and Ani
Eliza and Emma, from Wisconsin
Sunset over Green Bay, west of Door County
This was a gathering we won't forget - we're so grateful that it happened and that we could be there!


Kerry said...

Wowzer. This sounds like such a great time. And yes, please do return to the NW, do!

Anne Hartman said...

What a great post! You put great words to a great time! So good to meet you and your daughters. Blessings on the rest of your summer.