Thursday, September 22, 2011


 Somedays they wake up like this.  Goofy, happy, in love with each other. Those are the REALLY GOOD DAYS!!!!! Today it was another pioneer day, born of On the Banks of Plum Creek, which they are listening to together in the mornings. I went to find them for breakfast and they were in this mad tangle. All right by me...
 We started talking about the equinox today, and Ani made some gingerbread cookies with me, in the shapes of leaves and moons and cats, which all felt very autumnal to her.
 This afternoon found us scrounging for material to make rag dolls, like the one Laura cherishes in the story.  (So much of what we do in our days comes from the stories we are reading! Sword fights, packed traveling bags, closets raided for long skirts, sari's wrapped and tucked, rice cooked and eaten, butter made).
 They had such clear ideas about what they wanted.  I always worry about the execution, but I do as much or as little as requested, and it usually turns out so that everyone is happy.
 What used to be Papa's thermal longjohns and an old sheet are now new lovely dollies. What? They have no hair? So picky...yes, we'll get to it! Really, Eliza just wanted a doll that she could make new clothes for! These took us right up to bedtime, so tomorrow...

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