Thursday, November 3, 2011

Silver Baby Finals

 Ah, me. Would you have figured me for a blogger of golf? Well, there is the second day of the tournament to report on, and it is worth it. Sunday was played by the winners of each of the four teams made up of 18 golfers who played on Saturday. The winner of these four would not only be Champion but would also be obligated privileged to host the tournament next year.  I sweetly told Dan I loved him but I'd be rooting for someone else. (I wasn't the only one to feel this way - one supporter carried a sign throughout the day that read, "I reluctantly support Trapper H. for all the wrong reasons")

A funny thing happened as the winners emerged on the first day - their former competitors offered themselves as loyal caddies.  Dan's caddy donned his kilt, in solidarity with Dan, and they were like the cutest buddy movie, moving in synch through the course. Very sweet.
Dan and Andres, his loyal caddy
Dan's caddy, and his lovely dog, Dino. DD are Dan's initials.
 Now, I know you regular readers of this blog (hi, mom!) are wondering, but where are the kids? I come here for photos of the kids!! Well...let's see...they were there, somewhere....ah! Yes! When they weren't playing in a boat parked in the yard (hours and hours of entertainment. I even heard Ani singing sea chanteys to one of the wee littles. I can only hope she chose one that didn't have too much grog in it.), they were golfing!
 And sometimes someone remembered to feed them. (They were in heaven.)
 It was such a beautiful day.  It was a pleasure to be out in the sunshine...watching golf.
The Silver Baby for whom The Cup is named
 At Snake Canyon, first time around (please see Day One if you are confused. Or don't and just look! Pretty leaves!), Dan found himself in the hole once more, but managed a fine chipper out...and into the woods. Ok, it's do-able. Several balls were lost in the woods this round, by all golfers, making our jobs as "spotters" challenging...
 And despite a decent game, Dan alas did not win (she grins!).  I think he had a mighty lovely day never-the-less, if for no other reason than he enjoyed the company of his caddy.
 Here is the chump Champ himself, ready to host us in Kentucky next year...
Did I mention that Shlitz sponsored the event? For real.
 Golf. Bringing people together. Outside. With lots of laughing. Good times, good times.


Kerry said...

It's okay, I didn't miss the kids too much b/c this was really quite gripping: Dapper Dan! Girl with Pink Hair. Schlitz did NOT sponsor this...really?

If Dan ever steps onto a real golf course it's gonna be tooooo easy.

slim pickins said...

No kidding! When his ball went in the canyon, I put my head in my hands - he went and had a look and was like, no problem! This I've had to do before! It was kind of amazing. I can't believe how much golf I watched in the space of two days.

slim pickins said...

oh, and yes. Schlitz. They set us up with 500-some bottles of beer (which, for the record, actually IS way too much beer.) and a grill, printed with "Old Milwaukee". The slogan we came up with for them was: Schlitz. Get Used To It.