Sunday, December 11, 2011

a weekend of music and doll-making

 I am slowly coming back to life, starting with a walk down the bike path with Dan and Ani, to see how high the river's gotten with the recent rains and flooding. Looking down, the pile of detritus was like an I-spy picture gone wrong. It's unbelievable what piles up each season.
 Saturday we went to the monthly music offering at our local community center a few blocks away. The guest for the day was a percussionist who had everyone up on stage playing with him.
 And this morning, Jack Frost had visited our beautiful.
 Eliza and I spent half of the day together at a doll-making workshop at the same community center up the hill.
 The workshop was led by a woman who runs an early childhood Waldorf program out of her home, and the style of doll was soft-bodied, Waldorf-y. So sweet.
 As usual, I was so impressed with Eliza's stitching and her competence. We kept right up with each other, cutting out our pieces and stitching them together.
 Here's my dolly!
 Here is someone's "Dumbledore"...
 Placing the eyes...
 Doll friends.  We made them to donate to a local Women's recovery center, which regularly hosts families with small children. I hope they are loved - they were hard to let go of!

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