Wednesday, January 4, 2012

finally cold

 Yep, we got snow! And yep, the girls made an attempt at sledding!  Sigh...
 Most of our days this week have been cozy...making forts, reading, playing games...
When moods got moody yesterday there was a bit of a forced march (can you see Eliza sulking in the background? Mmmmhmmm.), but it ended up good for each of us, which was the point.
 Then home again for more crocheting on the rug, some more reading of Wise Child, and hot chocolate. We are also listening to Children of the Lamp by P.B. Kerr.  (Here is the post with some instructions on how to make a crocheted rug like this!)
~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
I wanted to share a gift we were given from our boy cousins in Wisconsin - a board game made just for us! We played it on New Year's Eve...
 Traveling through the forest, caves, mountains, and over the sea, each adventurer must gather armor, cloaks, scepters and a ring and make it around the board, without getting captured by goblins or buried under falling rocks, or, in sight of home, falling asleep against a comfy tree!
 This is a perfect adventure for these adventure-loving, Tolkien-reading girls.
thank you!!

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Stephanie said...

What a wonderful gift!

Lots of forts going on around here, too--but they're puppy dens at the moment.