Friday, January 27, 2012

Gallery for January

 Eliza shared her drawing notebook with me a few days ago, and it was nice to see so many happy lovely young ladies covering the pages...I'd love to know any of them.
(Do you see their collarbones? and stirrup leggins??)
 She had also experimented with cross-hatch pen and ink drawings, this time of a tense escape scene from a book we love, called Wise Child.
 E's Uncle Spoons has asked me what I've taught her about perspective, but it's all come from her observations and experiments, as with this view of a dream house.
 She's also been playing with color saturation, filling a page with colors. I love seeing what remains blank.
 Ani is into big head ladies these days!!! They're awesome - color-filled, big features, gorgeous.
 And did I mention lots of hair? Lots.
 We giggled over this one - she thought it looked like a mushroom, and so do I - little Morel-headed lass.
 I don't know where this one came from, but I love this huge bouquet:
 A map of Harry Potter world...(this story soooo infiltrates all aspects of play for her)
 And an elfin girl. With lots of hair.


Kerry said...

These are very very good drawings. Don't rush the study of perspective, Where are they in their study of math? I would wait for months after the introduction of parallel lines. (Age 10 or above! I know this sounds weird and controlling.) Besides, E already exhibits an innate understanding of perspective.

Once they know about perspective, it seems that, sadly, much of the spontaneity of their childhood art fades.

slim pickins said...

no worry of that, kerry!! i pretty much stay out of the picture, so to speak. she knows what she's doing, and anything she's come up with is totally hers. she has good instinct too - isn't interested in taking any drawing lessons, but prefers to figure it all out herself. she is very observant, so her exploration of perspective is based solely on her gut instinct of how things are and how they appear.

Stephanie said...

As always, I am so impressed with their beautiful art.
I never tire of seeing it.