Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring bouquet - purple dead nettles
 Last night Dan casually told me that during his run that afternoon he'd come across two eastern garter snakes mating. GASP. This is the kind of tawdry tidbit that makes me wild, so of course I had to take my own walk this evening, not daring to hope for more of the same.


I was not disappointed, but there was nothing so overtly springlike on my walk.  It was more of a fragrant unfurling...

 ...a hint...

...a glimpse of what is to come...

Jewelweed's first leaves, so unmistakable

Trillium on the verge of opening up

Toad Trillium

Blossoms on the public peach tree

Titillating, not tawdry.

Oh, it'll do.


Kerry said...

So delicate and lovely.

Andria said...

This made me smile. In our old garden in Illinois, every spring brought dozens of garter snakes out onto the lawn -- for a few days only. Once, we had snakes mating out there!! It really was a surprising sight -- but very cool! So I totally get it. :)

(I am visiting via Ordinary Life Magic.) :)