Friday, March 9, 2012

The weekend: bikes, hoops, sprouts...

Dan was gone all weekend, and we fretted that we didn't have a car. How would we deal?

We rode bikes. Together. On the bike path. Yes, we've done it before, but Eliza decided that this was the week to put her pedals back on and to ride without training wheels. RIGHT ON!

Past the peepers in the vernal pond
The girls were on FIRE to bike - we rode almost 4 miles. Happy happy girls.  Happy me.

Ani: My legs never fail me! They never fail!!!

It felt so good to see Eliza confident and happy on her bike. It's been a long time coming.  These were some deeply content moments for all of us.

We also got around to a project I've been wanting to try for a while and which I'm seeing crop up all over the internet: hula hoop weaving.  Ani is in a weaving stage that I remember Eliza going through.  The bannisters, the backs of our chairs...nothing is out of bounds for the weaving.

We had planned on using t-shirts for this project, but scored a huge bag of tie-dyed strips of cloth at the thrift store just last week.

She loves this project.  She said, "I am so happy to be doing this right now. If I weren't doing this I would be so sad!"

Toast and "sprouts"...

More weaving during piano practice...

The latest Ask magazine is about electricity, so of course out came the snap-circuits...

And what weekend would be complete without some Swan Lake?

Well, then. I think we did pretty well.


Stephanie said...

The long bikeride (phew!), the dancing in the livingroom (I always love that), the feeling so good, and the weaving!
I love all of it. :)

merry said...

I'd say you three found some wonderful ways to make it through the long weekend without Papa and the car!! Good job!!