Friday, April 13, 2012

our easter

After such a full week with our company, we'd almost forgotten that it was easter.  I keep wanting to move our spring celebrations more towards the equinox, but really, it all just means that we feel like celebrating all spring long, which feels appropriate!  We were invited to an egg hunt and lunch at a friend's house, but the girls thought they'd check for easter surprises in our own yard.  What you see above is what they came up with as an easter surprise for me: Garlic Mustard from our back yard!  We'd been talking about how some plants, while not "bad", are not native to this area, and are crowding out the plants that used to thrive here.  I'd picked a twig of this earlier in the week to identify and nibble at, and they recognized it and came running in with baskets full - "we found the invasive plant! Happy Easter!"  Right on.  An extra bonus is that I've heard it makes a good pesto...

Our friend had prepared a puppet show for his guests, which was awesome; needle felted puppets, silks, beautiful story - very waldorfian and lovely.

Once home again, we did search our yard for our wooden eggs and a few chocolate rabbits.  I had another easter surprise - could that really be broccoli growing out of my compost bin? Er, I think so! I don't think I could grown broccoli in our garden if I tried, but there it is thriving in the rich muck. 

The nicest part was being with Dan, who has been so busy again with work. So, we loved on him a bunch.  (on a side note: I wish I had photos of this, but Dan was in a dance concert on Saturday! We sat in the front row to cheer him on; it was a great evening of modern dance by local choreographers and dancers.)

Redbuds and eggs - must be Spring!

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