Wednesday, May 30, 2012

gettin' hitched at the farm

Z., painting the stage (and her shoes)
This was a weekend of hard work, in humid hot weather, under a beautiful cloudless sky in woods teaming with life -  human, insect, plant...Our wonderful friends, Jen and Michelle, chose this weekend to have a commitment ceremony, and their community flocked to their hill to help celebrate.

Clearing spots for tents
Setting up tents
Making signs
watching rehearsal

Don't get me wrong - there was plenty of just hanging out with some beautiful people!


8:00 am dance party - note the cup of coffee in the picture? Mmm hmmm.
ghost stories in the tent

finding some quiet
so festive...
the wedding monkey
gettin' purty

some serious love
I have no photos of the ceremony, as I had the honor of standing up with our friends.  Watching them walk up from the house, with Jen's daughter, Ari; seeing the delight on the faces of their friends when they busted out with a musical number to open the ceremony;  having them take a moment to turn to look at the community they'd pulled together for this part of their journey...these were some of my favorite moments that I'll just have to remember.  The ceremony ended with the couple and their community sawing through a log....which was quite the feat, but had everyone laughing and jumping in to help.  (It was a great metaphor for working together - and having flexibility, as someone finally ran to get the chainsaw to finish it off!)

The best part of the weekend were the people.  The old friends and new friends becoming friends, the effort everyone put towards making it all happen - the food, the performance after dinner, the was so lovely.

baaaby beluuuuga, oh, baaaaby beluuuuuuga

It was beautiful. And there were soft fuzzy chickens to hold.  It was a farm wedding, after all...


merry said...

Lovely. Just plain lovely!

jenny miller said...

What a wonderful farm wedding. Congrats to the couple!

alissa said...

Oh yayayayayay. I'm so glad it went well!

6512 and growing said...

such festive and real beauty!

Kerry said...

Sounds like a great time. Did you read/speak?

slim pickins said...

it WAS festive and lovely!!! and yes, kerry, i officiated and probably had too much to say...but it went well, i think. (and no, i don't want to see the video!)

Kerry said...

I bet it went great, and now you don't have to be nervous about it any more, just pleased.

The gallery posted above is Super Duper!