Thursday, May 10, 2012


beautiful photo by our friend Molly Schoenhoff

Our girl turns seven today.  Seven years ago she swam into our lives and has been present - really present in a solid, certain way - ever since.  Grounded, self-aware, unapologetic, hugely loving, she has turned from a quiet, observant big-eyed little bean to the story-teller of our family who often has to be reminded that we sleep best when our eyes are closed...She has been very aware of growing these past few months, noticing all the times when she feels the sense of getting older, wiser, more capable.  I remember Eliza holding onto every age, so sad to let go of the familiar to the point where she'd fall asleep in tears the night before her birthday.  Anika has been building up to seven, telling me she's really getting older! This morning she popped up before everyone else and came chanting into our room for a morning snuggle, "i'm seven years old today! i'm seven years old today!"

We're having a quiet day today (the girls are outside playing with new paper dolls) after a long day of fever and "throwupping" for Ani yesterday.  Sadly her "first birthday potluck ever!" has been postponed (along with favorite foods: Dutch Baby! Borscht! Chocolate Cake and Strawberries!), but we're circling her with family love today.

Happy Birthday sweetest Anika!


merry said...

Oh sweet peanut. I hope you were feeling better today and could celebrate the fact that you're another year older. What a joy you are to all of us - you are loved by many, many people! Happy Birthday, my love.

Annie said...

Happy happy birthday!!

Stephanie said...

A most happy Seven to Ani!