Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water and Air

A friend of my cousins owns a sailboat docked in Lake Cuyuga, and he had offered when we arrived to take us out sailing.  The girls were both thrilled and terrified at the prospect, but it came up every day and in every lull in every day - are we going sailing today? Is it today?  When we finally determined the day, it was windy - more than leaves-moving-on-the-trees windy - and B. was really set on not scaring the pants off the girls, but giving them a great experience out on the water.  I could tell he was hesitant, trying to read them and the day, so we all sat on the boat for a while, just talking about what it would be like out on the open water.

Then we got distracted, trying to save a very nice hat from a very wet fate. No luck.

Then, while Ani ran circles around the deck of the boat, we deliberated a bit more, and we took a quick walk down to where we could see the boats already out on the water, and B. determined it was not as choppy as he'd thought and Eliza determined that she had enough courage to summon for the adventure, and we were off.

It was heavenly. Blissful. I got to see one girl overcome some serious nerves and another discover that she was fearless on a boat, both exhilarating feelings.

We all got to help - the girls managed the rudder and stayed out of the way of the lines, and cousin J got to try her hand at managing the sail.


It was such rush, and so peaceful, all at the same time.

Thank you, B! It was a dream of a day that we won't forget.
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tillandsia bulbosa
I fell in love while we were in Ithaca. For reals, as Ani would say.  With epiphytes.

tillandsia medusa

Known as "air plants" epiphytes don't require dirt for nutrition, and only need to be soaked in water once or twice a week and set somewhere to dry and flourish.  In the wild they would grow in the crook of a tree or on a branch.  They are so animate, so full of character, that I was smitten several times during our visit.  We had one already - Ani's best friend Ari gave it to her a week before we left - and we ran into them a few more times during our stay, until finally my cousin took me to a little greenhouse where I could select one several of my very own.

tillandsia tricolor

the heavenly epiphyte corner
 What a beautiful little place - A New Leaf - with a friendly owner who told us lots of stories about the critters he finds around his greenhouse, including smooth green snakes and mice nesting right amongst his pots.  

In addition to the epiphytes, there were many orchids, each so uniquely beautiful.

is it a wasp? is it a flower?
 A poor dutchman's pipe had lost one of its blooms, and the owner gave it to Ani to have and investigate.

She pried it open and it was like opening the shell of a sea creature...

So wonderful.


alissa said...

I'm so glad about the sailing! We should get uncle spoons to take the girls out on Wingra this summer. I love love love being out on the water.

alissa said...
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6512 and growing said...

ohgod - those orchids! so amazingly spectacular and weird!

slim pickins said...

ali - that would be GREAT! eliza keeps talking about those surf boards you pole around on...don't know how crazy that would be to try.

6512 - i know! they're like a cross between an insect and a marine creature...

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you for the pictures!

debbie, was that another trip where we didn't get any shots of the two of us?? holy &^(*&!

xo jessica

Kerry said...

Orchids, epiphytes, and sailboats: how great is that? Thanks for the update on your visit!