Tuesday, August 28, 2012

people! people! people!

I just can't quite be done. Our trip was so lovely, and we saw so many loved ones, so here is a last glut of photos that will be most meaningful for family and friends...hang in there! Normal life is about to resume (don't tell me otherwise. I'm not ready.)!
Devil's Lake with Cousin Kelly
Devil's Lake, Eastern Bluff with goofball cousins
Devil's Lake, Balanced Rock Trail, intrepid hikers
Cousin Lucy and a groundnut flower
Dan's Cousin Eric, newly wed
wedding party, with cows
making friends with 2nd cousins
E cuttin' a rug with her Great Uncle Ron
Dang, can they dance!!
Dan taking his turn
Dan and Uncle Ron
Makin' baby A laugh
Ani and Haley
The view from Brigham Park - not a person, but something of an old friend
Baby Boo! We love your antennae!!
And we love your parents!!! Where are your brothers....??
Hiking the prairie, Brigham Park
Prairie boys
yes, yes, a plant, not a person. but isn't it wonderful?
E and Hen
E and Hen!
one of a bazillion delicious meals in a gorgeous place
thank God these people love to laugh. fills me up.
Mormor playing Charades (she's fishing, by the way. looks pretty mischievous, doesn't she?!)

Ani and Hattie buddying up
Booch and Hambly's lovely family!!


merry said...

I love the two pictures of Eliza dancing!! What a beautiful young lady!

Stephanie said...

I've missed your (almost) daily stories! xxoo

allieger said...

Hey Debbie - I've been meaning to email for awhile and never get around to it somehow. I wanted to tell you how very much I enjoy this peek into your wonderful lives - it's such a privilege! It makes me miss you more of course and long to meet the girls in person. They are so splendid! Much love from Seattle! Come back to us someday ok?! -- Allie