Friday, August 3, 2012

We are...

...reading A Wind in the Door, having loved A Wrinkle in Time. I'd forgotten so much about it.
...learning about cell structure! (Mitochondria are a major part of A Wind in the Door)
...getting to know our neighbor baby...holding babies has become a favorite pastime.
...learning the Brazilian martial art of capoeira, at a special class at the library.
...playing with friends - and taking them to the movies to cool off (I hadn't taken a gaggle of kids to the movies before! It was hilarious! I spent just as much time watching them, down the row, as I did the movie).
...dreaming of the fall and beyond, making grand plans of backpacking, sailing, exploring. ...collecting and drawing the two kinds of plantago that grow outside our house, while listening to the Herb Fairies story about Tago, that plantain fairy.
...reading. Anything and everything. Saber tooth tigers, evolution and Ivy & Bean for Ani; Goosebumps, Ripley's Believe it or Not, and graphic novels for Eliza. The Land Remembers by Ben Logan for me. A long long list of dissertation material for Dan.
...researching - what things were invented in the years we were born?? (Eliza - the genetically modified tomato, the braille glove, and the phone tooth (shudder); Ani - youtube!; me - the first internet; the artificial heart; Dan - ethernet and Bic's disposable lighter...ah, humans.) - baba ganoush, beet dip with flatbread, blackberry-peach crisp, salad, salad, salad.
...making baskets with our friend Molly...math, figuring, satisfying to watch something beautiful grow out of so many simple parts.
...enjoying our finches and hummingbirds and the brilliant green bees that are visiting our sunflowers.
...preparing for our trip to see all of our family up north! Going through clothes, selecting books, picking out new coloring materials for the car.
...impatiently waiting for the computer to come back to us, so we can share photos of some of the fabulous bits of our quickly passing summer!


alissa said...

We are impaitiantly awaiting your arrival! And I'm already dreading your departure.

merry said...