Friday, September 28, 2012

Gallery: thanking the Universe for tape

helicopter: tape and craft sticks
Since the inception of The Art Room in our house, there has been a rotating cast of stars - construction paper, brads, craft sticks - but the one constant, the shiniest of all of them, is, without a doubt, tape.

flower-collecting basket
It is beloved of every seven-year-old to enter our house, and the passion runs deep.  It dominates the creation, becomes more than its little adhesive self ever realized it could aspire to - center stage as a basket (see photo above to believe it)! Holding together propellers of planes, securing every hole of newly-created musical instruments, together with its co-star paper, there is nothing it can't or hasn't done here in our house.

basket, with flowers
shaker, with paper, craft stick, brads and...tape
airplane: construction paper and tape
another airplane!
cuffs? paper and tape
yes, a tent. paper and tape.

(I have to do some deep-breathing about the supplies sometimes, and especially about the ones that aren't so earth-friendly, like plastic tape.  I did look to see if there were a version that used recycled materials, and found that I somehow missed an unveiling over a year ago of such a product.  We'll have to track some down and let you know if it's up to the job...)

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