Tuesday, September 4, 2012

really home.

Loading these photos, I found myself thinking really obvious thoughts like, wow, flowers are so incredible! And don't even get me started on insects!!!!!  Yeah, my thoughts run pretty deep these days, mostly towards the grateful and the content.  

My people came home in the early hours of this morning, tired but so happy to have ventured to Maine.  Dan had good news and bad news, which do you want? Um...well, it all turned out to be the same news: he lost the Silver Baby Cup Golf Championship by 2 strokes. Wow!! So, sad, because he almost got it, and good, because this year's champion is next year's host! Ha ha!! Dodged that bullet...Maybe we can figure out where we'll be next year first, and then go for the gold.

Things looked pretty much like Life around here today, at long, long last.  Ani and I walked to the garden to weed like mad-women (she is one mean weeder) and harvest some surprise onions, some wonky sweet carrots and a bowl full of jalapenos.  And that lovely basil.  

I realized while cooking some vegetable soup from some of these good garden veggies, that simply the smell of garlic and onions sauteeing makes me feel like I'm home.  I missed that.  And then there are the four new jars of things fermenting on my counter...

And the critters in the front yard, doing their amazing things...

And Rat-a-tat-Cat and The Wind in the Door and feeding the worms and a pile of library books and the inspired writing of a new story and the laundry and the puttering about, the making, the doing...


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