Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow. Chickenpox. Really.

Words are not coming tonight.  So, in as few as possible...
Snow today!!!
Cause for joy like only a 7-year old can express.
One very large snowball took all day to melt.

Dan is home.
Trixie speaks for all of us.
Please stay for a while...

Dan, Eliza, and the Mona Lisa a la whiteboard

 Eliza has the chickenpox.  Mmmmmhmmmm.  
Lots of oatmeal baths.
Lots of stories.
Lots of games.
Lots of love.

Listening to War of the Worlds broadcast online

puffball - were you wondering if I'd manage to fit a fungus into this post??? Ha!!

A little nature-journaling...

And a whole lotta dance party!
Takes more than the pox to get this girl down!

 More on all of it soon.
To be sure.


Kerry said...

She doesn't look especially sick, which is great. Hopefully Ani will also have a mild case. Is chicken pox making its rounds this fall in Athens? Your dad caught it too!

Maybe trick or treating last week was a good idea after all: your weather was perfect.

slim pickins said...

hi kerry! she's up and down. the dance party was a bright moment yesterday - today's been mostly bed. she caught it from my dad, who had shingles! crazy. and yes, now we know why we t-or-t'd last week...

Stacy @ Sweet Sky said...

Hope she feels well soon! My boys had it last spring, both with mild cases, thank goodness.

Love your posts as always!!