Monday, November 12, 2012

Frost and Pajamas

We're in the midst of days that start out with a delicate layer of frost...and by afternoon have warmed enough to be inviting.  

We answer with a hike! Some yoga. some foot-dipping, some pajama-wearing romping through the woods.  (Do you have those days when your child says, but they're the most comfortable thing I have and it's what I want to wear most in the world and you really just can't argue with that? Or you could, but you wonder, what would be the point?)

And now we have a lot of this.  Snuggling. Reading...and reading...and reading...It's Ani's turn for the pox (at last! It really did take another 20 days for number two. I wonder why that's one of the great mysteries to me), and again I am feeling so grateful for a mild case that's just keeping her a little bit quieter than usual, but not much.


alissa said...

Sweet girls.

merry said...

Wish I had the nerve to wear my pjs outside!I agree - they're the most comfy clothes I own. Love you ani banani.

Stephanie said...

Oh, Ani looks so delicious in that last picture!
Snuggable, warm, and edible.