Sunday, November 4, 2012

When in quarantine...make art!

 We are in the lull between two poxes; Eliza has finished with her run, which was thankfully mild and uneventful, and Ani has yet to show any signs of being sick.  I credit Eliza's short run with the virus to a few things:  the homeopathic Rhus Tox, which is also what Dan took for his serious poison ivy rash early in the summer; echinacea and goldenseal tinctures for a full week;  vitamin C in many food forms and also in Emergen-C; copious amounts of chamomile tea with honey; and two oatmeal-chamomile baths a day for 5 days.  This last was so helpful with soothing the sores (they stung more than itched for her) and keeping them clean, thus avoiding secondary bacterial infection. We designated an old pair of sweatsocks for the bath bag, putting a cup of rolled oats and about a half of a cup of chamomile blossoms in and letting them steep in the running bath water.  We also used, and are still using, a locally made hemp salve (by Ancient Roots Botanicals) that has many healing herbs for the skin -  calendula, comfrey, plantain, and vitamin E. 

Though Ani is feeling as spunky and healthy as ever, we are being mindful of the fact that she could still break out with the virus for another 8 or 9 days, and since a person is most infectious before there are even any symptoms, we are choosing to keep to ourselves for this bit.  I did send Dan and Eliza out to the woods today for what might be the last golf game of the year, but Ani and I stayed home so as to not infect the couple of people in that household who haven't yet had the pox. 

We were feeling a little blue about staying behind, so we brainstormed some fun ideas for our day...and this is what we came up with:  foam prints!

I think this process is pretty self-explanatory, but here is what we used:  foam sheets, Speedball printing ink (because I happened to have some), a brayer to roll on the ink,  drawing implements (pencils, nails, matchsticks, chopsticks, the ends of paintbrushes...anything we could find!)  The process is so very easy and so VERY satisfying and quick.  A great project to have on hand for a rainy day.

Our dearest Tokarz  knew we were feeling sad about not seeing them, so being the are-you-for-real good friend that she is, she did a switcheroo and came to see us for a few hours and just jumped right in with the was balm for my heart, all of it.  

And then, Tokarz and Ani collaborated on the best idea ever and the day got even better!   I have not figured out how to take good photos of this, but I'll share what I've got and keep working on it...we made a city street.

oh, very fuzzy, but it gives you the big picture...
crosswalk detail, with fuzzy monster
skyscrapers, bicycles, mushroom houses...
trash cans and trash trucks and laundry on the line
Tokarz made me my very own plant store! with jump rope on top!
You have to do this.  Seriously. The three of us spent 4 hours giggling and concocting and creating to our hearts' content.  Just think of the possibilities and the hours of joy...

here is my second go at photos - not a whole lot better, but some!


merry said...

What a clever idea!Looks like Ani really got into it - and the visit from Tokarz was the cherry on the top!

Kerry said...

How adorable! I love that city street with trash cans. And the words had to be engraved backwards to come out right, how cool is that. I hope Ani's case of cp is as mild as Liza's. I bet you have friends who want their kids to catch it, and would like to come over for a play session, maybe?

Tokarz said...

oh Yay!! It's so so beautiful!!!!
So fun to get to see the parts I wasn't there for!!I love love love the garbage cans and truck! and the clothes line!!! ahhhhh!!!Monster so carefully crossing the street in the crosswalk!!
Our street is shaping up so sweetly over here too! It is the project of the century as far as how interested Esme has been...up before me in the morning making new prints!!
The lovliest weeping willow ever...Can't wait to show you!

Tokarz said...

Missing these days...