Monday, December 10, 2012


It's a magical equation: 
music plus movement plus touch equals so much happiness and healing.

We took our dear friend Esme for her first contra dance on Saturday and made a memory that will last a very long time.  We also brought a classmate of Dan's who is staying with us, and she happily jumped right in and danced the whole evening.

This was only Ani's second time, and my first time with her, and I could not believe her level of comfort and ease and her willingness to dance with so many different people (contra dancing involves dancing not only with one's partner, but also with one's neighbor, and the pairings mix and change with every round of the dance).

With neck-ties for the girls who are dancing the man's part, the girls took turns with each other and with our homeschooled teenage friends who come to the dances.

my blurry, beautiful girl

all three of my family - can you see them?

Ani: it is my great pleasure to dance with someone as beautiful as you, Esme.
 It was so filling watching them dance; their competence and confidence, their joy and grace and huge spirit are so full of YES.  I looked down the line of dancers at one point and saw Ani and a Very Tall Man (named Badger) facing one another and jumping like pogo-sticks while waiting for the caller to begin. Boing boing boing...

Our sadness eased, our crankiness disappeared, our worries temporarily abated, we danced till it was time for bed.


merry said...

Grab and swing that pretty little girl and dosy-doe your partner!! I can feel it and hear it - and smell the sweat!! What wonderful memories were built for you and for Esme! Beautiful!

alissa said...

Last time I contra danced was at your wedding! Lovely blurry movement pictures.