Wednesday, January 30, 2013

65 degrees...

Oh, it felt like spring. It was spring, and we enjoyed it as if it had come to stay.  Ani and I stayed home from homeschool coop on Tuesday, as she woke up with some coughing and snuffling and everyone is so worried about getting sick right now, but she didn't feel sick, so out we went...

She talked a mile a minute, in her joy, about her joy - she told me she was filled, she had circles of joy all around her, had I ever felt that way before?

It was the unbelievably warm air, it was finding worms, it was how good it felt to be out with so little on, to be out together.

I told her to remember how that feels, that filling and that light, for sad or dark days, when a crumb of that feeling might make all the difference.

She was buoyant.

After our walkabout we launched into a list of things we wanted to do, to "make up" for the fact that we were missing the first day of coop.  Clay class was one thing she was sad about missing, so we dug up some clay from our sad little garden and spent a while in the backyard molding it and squeezing it.

She told me that she thought she was probably having more fun than if she'd gone to coop, to tell the truth. Ah, that was nice to hear.  We've needed a day like that, just for us lovin' on each other.

Then we played some Go Fish! and a game of cribbage and got into making books.

They turned out so sweetly - we used a saddle stitch to bind them, waxing the thread for fun.

Tonight it will snow, but for a day it was spring...

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merry said...

Oh, glorious spring! Where art thou? I don't know if I can get out of my garage to shop for Papa's birthday party because of all the ice and snow!! Please blow your warm, gentle breeze on this %&@@!! snow and let winter be over!!!