Monday, February 11, 2013

...and the blessing

She grows her babies long - long as in over 40 weeks - but this one surprised her, coming 3 days early!  The call came this morning, as I was laying in bed reading, and the girls were sleeping late and Dan was catching up and - well, believe it or not, at 8:00 we were all in bed, and apparently M had not slept all night and needed some rest and something for her kiddos to do while they awaited the arrival of the new babe, so I zipped on out to the country, only to find - he'd arrived!!

She does things right, this Mama. Efficient, and graceful.  Amazing.

It was windy, full of blue skies and wisps of playful if the breezes had brought him in on this surprisingly spring-like day.

It was a day for bikes and bubbles and skipping and swinging...for bare feet!

Ani held the hand of the new big brother and made sure he had a buddy the whole way to the park and back, acting like the sweetest big sister a kid could want.  Our day glowed with purpose and friendship; Eliza tried to articulate what she was feeling at dinner tonight, about how awesome it felt to be the people someone calls when they are having a Big Moment in their lives and can use some extra help.  How great it feels to be needed and useful.  The give and take of community - it is a beautiful thing to be a part of, and it blesses us all.

welcome, sweet boy!


merry said...

I heard many miracles happening in that wonderful day!! Congrats to M and her family. And what a full head of hair!! Oh my gosh!!

alissa said...

Yay! What a great day!

Theresa Novak said...

Aw, how sweet and awesome and wonderful. How great to be the people who get called for this.

Kerry said...

So sweet. Sounds like she had an "easy" time of it. Congrats!