Monday, February 18, 2013

art happens!!

Ok, catching up on the art around here - we'll start with the aluminum prints Ani and I made a couple of weeks ago now!! They're the same process as these, but we made them with the intent to turn them into printing plates, as seen here.

We are big fans of The Daily Monster and have been wanting to try our hand at making some ourselves.  India ink, soda straws, paper...GO!

Eliza turned hers into valentines for some of her tougher buddies.

Ani's many-eyeballed creature
 Finally, this weekend we had a friend over to riff on an idea she has for a mural...watercolors in the living room...

...and watercolor all over faces.

...and bellies?!


merry said...

I don't know where you come up with all these marvelous ideas!! They're beautiful!!

Reba said...

Wow! I love the idea for making prints. We have got to do that! And I love the ink blown monsters. Ezra would love to do that. I gotta get me some ink. ;)

Kerry said...

Print-making is the best. So much you can do with a glue line too. Very neat!

verdemama said...

It's so fun to see the art goodness that your family creates. I love those prints.