Monday, March 25, 2013


This gallery post is so diverse, I'm not really sure what to say about it...other than, here it is!! Art!

Ani's crow, my basket peeking out...
Contour drawing
Eliza's squash

A charcoal cat that Eliza is particularly pleased with

Ani's 3-D paper turtle
Ani's funky abstract art du jour
Working on her crocheted t-shirt rug

Ani's watercolor entry in an art contest - she won first in her age group!

Eliza's collage entry for an art contest - same here! first place!

Ani's splash art monster 
Ani's monster

What Ani does while listening to stories...
Paper people! With dogs!


merry said...

As I've probably said before - this gift skipped my generation! Gramma Eliza was an artist,and I remember the day, Deb, when you struggled between being an artist or a musician! Both girls come by it rightly --- and yet I am amazed!! First prize!! Congratulations! I love them all but among my favorites are Ani's splash art.

Tokarz said...

What Ho!!!! beauty all around you!!!
This is pretty darn inspiring! Love all those arts...the cat and yarn, the contest winners... the splash art monsters! what talented girls you have!

Reba said...

Please tell Ani that I love her people with dogs. :)

Your girls are so good at making beautiful things.