Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring scavenger hunt

If you are a parent, I hope that you have also had the great fortune of making friends with young people who are of the adult variety, who really seem to enjoy hanging out with you and your kids.  It is such a huge blessing to have that particular kind of person in your life, for you and for your children: they get the attention of an adult who is not distracted by other kiddos and is genuinely interested in what they have to say; you get the experience of seeing your kids through someone else's eyes, and benefit from the added energy and company of an adult.  Further bonuses abound when they are someone you would like to know regardless! Ah, my over-stating of the obvious, once again: friends, good.  We have such friends, and they invited us out for a magical spring scavenger hunt in the woods...

You can't take them home
though they are so very cute - 
go down by the pond and you might find a...


Eastern Red-spotted Newt

A ball of newts mating

Down in the valley
is where our next spot will be,
by where the streams flow and play,
a place where bats escape the day - 

so go now and find your way,
and be courageous and be so brave,
as you look for the treasure in 
our little...


Where two paths meet
and the hill has its crest,
there is a tree that doesn't
look like the rest.

Search a little further and 
you will find a ...

Now we must find our way
to a place where faeries play!
Behold such a lovely, magical site,
a place for creatures to rest at night

and an old, ancient fallen tree
big enough to fit you and me

Now climb in and you will find
simple treasures, 
two of a kind...

can you see the beeswax candles, disquised as pinecones??

Searching for mushrooms...

Ahhh! Found the cutest little red-cap mushroom!
Happy Spring!!

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merry said...

And an owl sweater to boot!! You guys are so lucky. It's bitter cold here and still a lot of snow on the ground. Will it ever get warm enough for a nice hike in the woods? This was lovely!

alissa said...

That is the greatest! Wow.