Thursday, May 23, 2013


Yes, we're still here! 

My brain is still half in Palestine, but my body and the rest of my brain are here! Dan has also just accepted a job here as part of the voice and movement faculty in the theater department, so - we will continue to be here for a while longer! We are feeling excited, relieved and summer is running up to greet us with thunderstorms, sunshine and green, green, green...

I still have so much to say about my trip, but I'm trying to be patient with myself and take my time.  In the meantime...

Year-round activities are starting to come to a finish.  Eliza had her last piano performance. 

Choir is over, and this coming week will be the last for our homeschool coop.  We are ready for a break.  Not a moment too soon, our beloveds from Texas have come home for a visit.  The boat job will keep them in Texas for many more months, so it is sweet to have them for this short window.

The week has been all about coffee and talking and beer and talking and cards and talking, and of course - golf in the woods.

The ball's got to be in there somewhere.

Or maybe in there?

So, welcome to early summer in Ohio. Here is what Poor Will's Almanack has to say for this week:

When you notice that August's ragweed has grown above your knees, then you know most of the nation's potatoes are in the ground. Flea beetles and leafhoppers become active and crickets sing as snapping turtles lay their eggs. 

Well, all right then.

American Toad

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Kerry said...

Congrats on Dan's job, and the ability to stay in Athens a little longer:)