Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gallery: portraits

Ani has been wowing us with portraits this summer.  The one above (it's me, dontcha know) she drew while I was dozing on her bed, listening to a story with her.  She got it all - the lines on my lips, my nose ring, my underarm hair (she was particularly proud of that detail).  Can I just tell you how loved I felt, being looked at so closely and rendered so beautifully? Big big love.

This one is more my super-hero look, I think, which Dan found an interesting contrast to what he sees as his clown self, drawn here as a mouse.  I think she's just picking up and emphasizing the more playful aspects of his character.  See his bike?

Ah, and here he is as a rock-n-roller.  Right? He should be so lucky, to have those pajamas super star clothes.

These really amazed me.  She is going for more realism than I've seen her do before, patiently finding the details and including them in her drawing.


alissa said...

The superhero one is how I always see you. Same with Dan as a mouse.

Kerry said...

Yeah the super hero/mouse thing is pretty awesome!

These are great! So fun!

allieger said...

These are 110% awesomesauce!!

merry said...

It is amazing and so much fun seeing Ani's artistic abilities grow and change!!! WOW!! Such detail!