Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gallery and Invitation to Eliza's blog

Patched cloaks, snowshoes, skates...ready for winter!

This post will mostly have Anika's most recent drawings in it. This girl has been busy! She seems to be working mostly on girls and women, focusing on ways to make more realistic noses and paying attention to how eyebrows can drastically change a facial expression.

Mia, Chieftain's daughter

Mom and Babysitter, with many many piercings.

Fashion show

Elfie. With pierced ears.

She has also been digging Ed Emberley's drawing books, drawing skeletons, witches, monsters...

A French Skeleton
Eliza is prolific as always. When I ask what she'd like to do in a day, drawing and reading always top the list.  She has started sharing her work on her own blog, and asked that I invite readers here to come and see her art over at Rattlesnake Plantain!  I think you'll enjoy hearing her voice along with her beautiful artwork...

by Eliza


esme freeman said...

nice drawings by Ani, and I do love to hear Eliza talk of her own drawing!

Tokarz said...

sorry that wasn't esme again.
But, I know she feels the same about Eliza's blog, and will love to see Ani's pictures when she wakes up. She always checks your blog to see what's new!

merry said...

I find it so interesting to remember how Eliza's first drawings looked very much like Ani's and to see how she has grown and changed. And how Ani has chosen to develop the same interest - drawing girls in different settings, clothes, styles, expressions. They're both such awesome artists! It'll be fun to see how this all plays out!