Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Am I? Writing game

Playing with a writing prompt idea from Brave Writer, each of us went to our own corners of the house with a mission to describe, without naming, an object for the rest of us to guess at.  Here are some of what we came up with...

My example, after sitting in the bathroom for a few minutes was this:

I fit in the palm of your hand, smooth and soft.
Some say I'm stinky, but others sniff deeply when I am around.
If I were an animal, I would be an otter: slippery and playful, disappearing into the water.
What am I?

They didn't need more than that!

from Eliza:
I go around and around.
I sound like "IT" in 'A Wrinkle of Time.'
I hold what has been forever.
I lull babies to sleep.
People depend on me daily.
What am I?
(note: I originally published this post having changed the pronoun, with her permission, to fit the question, but forgot to make the verbs agree, making her sound very much like Gollum: I goes around...I sounds like...my precious...! Eliza doesn't actually talk like that...)

the kitchen clock

I can hold any memory, but I hold the best one.
I am quite plain myself, but the thing I hold is not plain at all.
People look upon me and remember good times.
What am I?

this photo frame - with our favorite wedding photo
Ani and I worked together, me as scribe until she got impatient waiting for me to write things down:

I have more arms than you do.
I have blades but no knives.
I collect dust over time.
What am I?
(the kitchen ceiling fan)

You may think I'm just a ball,
but I may come in handy on a journey.
I'm made of earth and water,
and I am very colorful.
What am I?
(the globe)

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