Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Box of light

Ah, yes, it's been busy.  Still the inside, pajama-clad busy for the most part, but I feel like the snow might be melting soon.

Always hard to know how much of a deal to make of Valentine's day, but we love to make, and love to have an excuse for giving (and telling bad pun jokes: Why do skunks love Valentine's day? They're so scent-imental...), so there is an inevitable flurry of heart cutting and drawing and watercoloring...It also helps combat the struggle that is February for me.

We attended homeschool coop on Tuesday and there was this gloriously dark moment that could be a scene from a Christopher Guest send-up of a homeschool coop.  The morning class, about what sugar does in a person's body (um, for most non-glucose sugars? Nothing good. I'm pretty sure she called it a toxin that taxes your liver.  I'm checking out this lecture and this video to catch up on the facts), was quickly followed by the offering of two large trays of the most sickly-sweet bright pink cupcakes brought by another coop member to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Next week I think we're learning about slavery in the sugar trade.  See what I mean? Daaaark.

Tonight while saying good-bye to friends who were over for dinner we found this valentine in our front yard:

I don't remember a February quite so dark and cold in recent years.  
What a lovely gift, a magical box of light in the dark cold night.
Feeling loved.


merry said...

What a lovely, dark February gift! When I drove up to church this morning, there were two berry-laden trees full of ROBINS! I've always been told to look for the first robin and spring will be around the corner. Now I learn that they stay all year round! What???? I've never ever seen them in the winter!! Where do they hide? Eliza and Ani, can you research that for me? Thanks! Happy Love day to all of you!

merry said...

What was the box made of?

slim pickins said...

mom - the snow here has had a crusty outer layer; our friend the snow artist cut a pane of the crust and stood it upright. isn't it beautiful?

Unknown said...

You make the most beautiful valentines!

Unknown said...

that unknown person? it's me. jessica r. bliss. just lovin' you 'cross the interwebs, unknowingly.