Sunday, March 2, 2014

a very merry unbirthday tea party

Our friend Z has a birthday in September.  We finally celebrated it together this weekend, and fittingly, it was an Alice in Wonderland party. Perfect for any unbirthday...

the characters

The Mad Hatter(s) 

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, all in one person.
(She's looking at me in character. This photo cracks me up.)

Alice (with new handmade apron and blue eyeshadow)

Caterpillar, with hookah 

The fabulous Cheshire Cat

White Rabbit

The Unbirthday girl, The Queen of Hearts

the treasure hunt for presents

of course, the teaparty

The kids were so pleased with every aspect of this event, and it was lovely to see them working together on the costumes and the fun.  They are so incredibly creative!  Osha created the treasure hunt, and my favorite part was that he included a second layer of clues which were then used to unlock a computer program that revealed another clue. An awesome way to weave his primary love - computer programming - into a present for his friend.  Good feelings all 'round, Dan and I got in a date (a date!) and the girls came home haaaaaaappy this morning. And it's snowing! Happy March!


alissa said...

That. All of that. So awesome! And I love ani's tweedle face.

merry said...

What a delightful, inventive party! The costumes were great and they all looked like were having a mahvalous time.