Monday, March 10, 2014

paste painting and the woods

Last week was spring break around here. Ha! Which meant snow, of course, and more Busy for Dan (there was a conference to prepare for), and some much-needed time with friends who were also on break.  The week started with making paste-paint papers (which we did last year at about this time!), using the big well-lit studio on campus. Fancy!



Mid-week Dan and I got out on a date to see Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn at Stuart's Opera House. Oh wow. We've been going to see Bela for 20 years, starting in a highschool auditorium in Wisconsin, so we knew to expect something amazing from him, but I'd never heard of Abigail, and she was this incredibly dynamic and powerful performer who played off of his straight-man act well, and blew the audience away by singing more than a couple songs in Chinese (she talks about her connections to China on this TED Talk. She may be my new hero). It was wonderful.

Ok, let me slip in this picture of my gorgeous daughter and her new 'do. Gasp.
We finished the week with colds (dangit), and a hike without coats. Yeah, that's right. Take that, winter.  We didn't have a lot of stamina, but it felt so good to slosh through the mud and smell the woods and see so much green starting to peek out.

M and N check out the cave. Still icy and so dark.

I smell you, Spring. I do.


alissa said...

It topped fifty today! It was awesome!
We cannot wait to come and experience spring with you!

verdemama said...

Ooooh, we've been enjoying that spring smell, too, and the sunshine, even if the winds still carry a chill.

Oh, and what a fabulous new do your daughter is sporting :) Beautiful.

merry said...

It may have topped 50,but I still have 2 feet of snow in my front yard! But there are bird songs in the air, if that can be considered a *spring smell*! LOVE Eliza's hair-do!!!

Kerry said...

I love those cool paintings. That looks like such fun to do! Mighty neat walk in the woods, too. How many-just a wild guess here-pics of fungus do you have in your possession at this point? :-)