Friday, April 4, 2014

all the little stuff

My brain is only so good at fitting things into well-organized blog posts...mostly I just want to talk like Anika does and tell you everything even as it is happening because it is all so juicy.  This post takes us back a couple of weeks to things that got caught in the net of my camera lens, and it does a pretty good job of catching the business as usual.  Legos, and stencilled shirts (a TARDIS, in honor of a Dr. Who birthday party)...

Some sister love while watching Here Comes Science (They Might Be Giants).

The coolest thing to hit Ani's math world in a long while: window math! Ta da!! I don't know why I didn't think of this a long long time ago...I got lots of hugs and love for this one.  The requests for math are matched by the number of times this kitchen window gets washed these days (several times a day).


We take advantage of as much goings-on on campus as we can, and rarely miss a friend's art openings.  Here Ani studies a sculpture - or is it an installation? - made entirely of hair. It gave me the willies, walking "the hair gauntlet", but Ani dug it.

Here is the Wonder-full friend/artist who was sharing this art opening, with her beautiful mama! James' pieces were all videos, so I don't have photos of them.

Eliza is writing writing writing...short stories, the beginnings of novels, emails, poems...I realized that I don't take as many pictures of her these days, because she is often sitting looking at a computer screen or holed up in her room, writing!

Bohemian waxwings!
Most days we get outside - tonight the girls made chalk drawings of each other's shadows while I stalked the spring peepers in our neighbor's back yard.  I didn't see a one, and I know they are there, I listen to them every night!

Dan's show  - As You Like It - opened last week, and of course we went to opening night.  Ani had a couple of questions towards the beginning, trying to sort out a couple of details that the version we read didn't address, but afterwards it was clear that she understood the whole thing, and loved it. They both have been quoting it willynilly since, and we're going to closing and can't wait!

Opening night of the play
 So, there you go.  Some glimpses.  The life, the learning, the playing, all happening all the time.  Below? Anatomy, with funny voices and a long long story.  That is often what the inside scoop looks like around here.  Pretty sweet.

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merry said...

Thanks for the glimpse into your everyday life!It's fun to know what gets caught in the lens. Love you!