Monday, May 19, 2014


Ani got two birthdays this year: camping birthday and home birthday. Wahooo! Camp birthday was all about the campfire, s'mores, Sheboygan brats, and spelunking.  Home birthday consisted of what has become the traditional birthday breakfast of Dutch Baby, blueberries and bacon, and a family potluck with friends. It all sounds pretty good, doesn't it?!

singing to the blueberries as they are arranged about the plate
Then of course there is cake.  Vegan chocolate with cream cheese frosting (yeah, that's kind of how we just tastes good!), colored with beets.  Aaaaand more beets in the birthday borscht.  And a request for asparagus and an email that read: Dear Tokarz...please bring scalloped potatoes, if you would like to...Fortunately, she did like to.

Buddies and a new dress...

Um, a telephone...and a little brown book full of numbers you're gonna wish you had.

I think her first call was to Ron Weasley, but it might have been Jane Penderwick, I'm not certain.


And then the party got weird.  There was group Sudoku, then Colorku, and then the party glasses came out...

Always a surprise, these potlucks, always a surprise...Happy Birthday again, Ani!!


alissa said...

Hooray ani! And that phone? Awesome!!

merry said...

What a fun, special party for a very special girl!! Yahoo!!