Friday, July 11, 2014

summer riot

It all goes so fast, summer.  There's little rhyme or reason to this sharing today, other than an attempt to Not Miss!  We are embarking on a huge journey today - today! what am I doing??  Oh, that is a good question! I'll tell you.  At the start of this week my husband heard me voices all of the worries I had about getting ready and about being in the car for nine days straight (well, almost straight) and he said, Would you do something for yourself this week? Would you please put "be happy" at the top of your list of priorities for the week? Maybe let go of "Clear away that pile of stuff on the back porch" and be happy?  So, this sharing makes me happy. So did the blueberries we picked this week, and the time we had with friends and the walk I took to the garden with my girl and the craziness of our front yarden...I'm ready for our trip.

harvesting garlic!

painting garden sticks

See you on the road!


merry said...

Beautiful front yard garden!!! And I love that you embraced Dan's wish for happiness - and then shared it with us. Have a safe trip and I'll see you on the west coast!! Can't wait!! Love, love, love you all.

Kerry said...

You're on your way! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!