Monday, July 21, 2014


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(Ok, so here's the skinny: we're here! We made it West today!! But the story just can't be that short, because the drive was sooooo long and wonderful, so bear with me here...)

Wyoming stole my heart.  White Stripes playing loudly over the rush of wind, pronghorn antelope, a long view that pulled my eye over wind-rounded hills and up striped canyons.  Scrappy homesteads, sprawling ranches and desolate stretches populated only by the occasional cow or solitary biker. Antlers draped over every door lintel.  I got the feeling that Wyoming doesn't suffer fools, but has its fair share of hardened weirdoes. And then there was the climb into the mountains, the trade of the long-view for more green, more trees, and finally, the Tetons themselves, the prize for our longest day of driving yet. The signs for elk and bison on the road. The change in color, the change in the air.  The pull of the mountains is so mighty strong.


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so pretty, your trip is just making me want to go!!your pictures are so beautiful!