Sunday, August 31, 2014

a day of vacation

August is usually when we visit our Wisconsin family, which means just about everyone, Dan's relatives and mine.  This year we saw some of my family at the wedding in Oregon, and we took advantage of the day after the ceremony to have a day together before we all headed home.

my beautiful sister and mama
My mom's idea of peaceful and rejuvinating is the ocean, so Seal Rock beach is where we went (twist my arm)...

...and then to Newport to check out the huge sea lion population.


merry said...

I can just about smell the ocean!! A glorious day - one I'd choose for a one day vacation!!

Kerry said...

Oh, lovely. How beautiful, and it looks like you hit low tide, too. Nice!

That seagull caught a fish!

Sea lions are the laziest looking critters.

alissa said...

Yay! Although I think the seagull is eating a starfish which they aren't supposed to be able to do and it's because of some starfish fungus or something. Still a nice day!

slim pickins said...

Well, I wasn't gonna tell him what he could and couldn't eat...but yeah, I took a gazillion photos of him, and it was a starfish all right!