Friday, August 1, 2014

Seattle Postcard No. 3

Just to be clear...we lived here for eleven years.  We decided to get married, had dozens of jobs, made life-long friendships, saw friends marry and divorce and re-marry, birthed our babies, all here.  It still feels like home.  Our youngest baby doesn't remember being here at all, but when I asked her what she thought of Seattle, this is more or less what she said:  all anyone would have to do is open their eyes and look and look and they would know what I love about being here - everything!  Ah, my heart. 

blackberry picking
Eliza and Finn

We landed with Bubbie's family, who I've written about here.  Bubbie was Our Person at our wedding, making sure everything on our list was checked off; she watched both of our babies be born, she's bossed Dan and I around at various jobs and will most likely be parked within earshot when we're all at our life's end.  Finding our feet with her and her sweet family was perfect, and I'm writing from her guestbed, having returned for a last refueling before we have our last weekend here.

Our next stop was with good friends who used to split their time between Wisconsin and Seattle, and we usually catch them on the midwestern swing.  The kids immediately fell into serious play - dress-up, stories, blackberry picking, art-making and general goofing about - while Jess and I run down our list of Things To Talk About, she with her i-phone and me with my notebook.  Food, books, self-care - I can't think that we got to it all though, talking a mile a minute, with all the laughing and food prep interspersed.  

They hosted shabbat dinner on Friday, with challah and crab cakes (remember the last post? That was a heck of a lot of crab...), salmon...

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

We are really squeezing so much in.  Ani asked me the other day "what people are we doing today?" Oof.  For the rest of us who remember being here, we are reconnecting with our foundation, visiting places that live inside Who We Are.  Eliza and I visited our friend P, who lives in a magical garden apartment that used to be ours, and is where Eliza was born.  Friends met us at Seward Park to run around and share a sunny afternoon (see? sunny! in Seattle!).  So grateful for each of these opportunities to gather.

this captures it: eliza remembers our old neighbors, and ani is loving the dog.

We even managed to see friends that we made while living in Richmond! They were the other Seattle transplants in our neighborhood, and it was lovely to see them in their home.

These postcards are about all I can manage right now, to share a bit and to secure some placeholders for sorting through our memories after we get home! Thank you for bearing with me...

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