Saturday, August 16, 2014

Seattle Postcard No. 5 - The People

Ah, I know, this is so dragged-out, but we've been gone from home for five weeks - five weeks! - and so bear with me.  Our time in Seattle was absolutely about the people.  Space Needle? Too expensive. Ride a ferry? Didn't make it. We did share a lot of food, loved a lot on the baby, attended a backyard BBQ and made merry...

Bubs, Nils, and Helvi
Hey! We even saw my dad, Gramma Liz, Uncle Tim and Aunt Gen in Seattle!
Breakfast with Allie, who pampered us royally

Theo and Eliza

Breakfast at the Blue Star!
Rica Roo and Eliza
Darragh and Hans
the Rainier Beach crew, last night in Seattle
Leaving was almost as sad as the day we moved, and our car was nearly as full.  Driving south, toward Rainier, it was only easier because we didn't have anyone standing in the road, waving until we turned the corner, and we knew we were headed for more adventure on the a wedding!

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