Saturday, November 22, 2014

more leaves and another hack

Today was a mellow day with our friend Ari.  Not much was required at me than that I laugh at a few jokes, heat up some lentil soup that Ani and Sarah made yesterday, and supply the crayons for some more leaf-rubbing for our growing wall of thanks...

And now I want to direct your eyes to the photo above.  See Ari's bandaid? I have a handy trick for you, and it's late, so this is going to pass for a well-written blog post and we'll call it good for November 22, all right?  She arrived this morning with a splinter and asked for our tweezers.  I quizzed her on what she'd already tried.  "Well," she said, "We did epsom salts, plantain, and we dug and dug in there with a needle.  And glue." Wha? The idea is that you put glue on and hopefully it sticks to the splinter and when you peel the glue off the splinter comes too. Or something like that. I've never tried it.  So, knowing how Ari does not care for bananas, I hestitated to offer my favorite method for banishing splinters, but I could see she was frustrated, so I went for it.  "Um, how would you feel if I strapped a tiny, very tiny piece of a banana peel to your splinter for the next couple of hours?" Her turn for the Wha?

I don't know why this works (enzymes?) but it does, and it did again today.  We cut a small piece of banana peel and held it onto the spot where she had the splinter with a bandaid and in an hour or two she came and found me to tell me "The banana won!!"  You don't have to believe me, you can just try it for yourself, the next time you have a splinter you just can't get out. I want to call this another life hack, but I'm not exactly sure what I'm hacking really (tweezers?)'s just a handy thing to know, especially when your child doesn't want you anywhere near them with a needle and the splinter's in the bottom of their foot...banana, overnight, with sock. Done.

(This is where one of my girls would chime in and say, "The banana is an herb, not a fruit!" As the largest herb, the banana has healing properties.  Voila.)

Rockin' November. It's the 22nd...

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