Wednesday, November 12, 2014

the missed halloween

Sally, from Nightmare Before Christmas
We inadvertently missed the candy-drenched part of Halloween this year.  It happened as we were packing Dan and Eliza into the car for their weekend away - we were greeting trick-or-treaters as they passed the car, admiring all of the littles and not-so-littles in their get-ups.  I offered to walk Ani up the street just a bit, but she had no interest at all, prefering a snuggle on the couch.  The oomph was out of the Halloween I guess.  Still, there were several days of dress-up this past month, and of course some jack o'lantern carving...It seems that the anticipation is so much more fun than the actual moment of the day's celebration. Much nicer I guess to spread the creative explosion over the month of puppets, parades, and costuming.

from our mini visit with Teo!
rainbow fairy
We're down to one jack out on the porch, and the temperatures tonight are supposed to dip into the twenties, turning the last of it into frozen mush.  Marking the days from fall into winter...

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Listening to our favorite Roald Dahl tonight; the heat is on, and blankets are piled on listeners on the couch.  We've finished with The Witches and wanted more, so tonight it's The Twits. Such silliness...Everyone is tired so early these days.  Dan and I could easily crawl into bed by 8:00 most evenings.  Hopefully it's just the turning-in, the changing season. Ani did not change out of her footies today - ah, to be fair, she doesn't sleep in them, so I guess in truth it's just what she got dressed in this morning.  Homey homey day.

Oooh, am I running out of things to say? We'll see...I'm shooting for every day in November! So far so good!

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