Sunday, January 4, 2015

the whirlwind into 2015

Ok, really, this might be all you need to know about Christmas around here.  The elving? A library. For me. But in case what you're really interested in are those fancy slippers I'm sporting, here is a close-up. My present from Ani:

But seriously - my family made that library!!! Can you believe it??? And can you please come by and borrow something from it? We've had some friends make surreptitious drop-by's but their tell-tale taste gives them away as insiders every time. One Hundred Years of Solitude? Duh, Savannah. Cormac McCarthy? And Matilda, in one drop-off? Probably Freeman and Esme...So, yeah, come on by and do an exchange, why don't you?

Our Christmas proper was pretty Christmasy, with puzzles and games and good food and music and a lot of hanging out enjoying each other's company.

Then my family drove in the day after from Wisconsin and the stockings hung on the bannister doubled and we did it all over again!

Spectacular Mormor originals!

Our joint Christmas day was like spring, and we ran outside after presents to enjoy it.

my new look - Super Lichen Woman, part fungus, part algae, all woman

Some rare photos of us, courtesy of Eliza.  

Little did we know it was our one of two healthy days of their visit...Our record has apparently been too good of late, and every one of our visitors fell ill enough to spend a day in bed. It was very sad and disappointing, but we squeezed something good from every moment of respite we got from The Sick! When Lucy was well enough we got her back out for a walk; we had lots of snuggles and time on the couch; Dan and I got out to a few movies while everyone was sleeping...And when they were well enough, we played cards and laughed and ate soup.

By New Year's Eve, with one day left of the visit, everyone was ready to rally for some time together, which looked like Into the Woods, take-out pizza and a very funny game of "Celebrity".

We all felt some sadness about the week, but I don't think I'd wish we hadn't been together.  It does my heart so much good to be with them, and Dan, Eliza and I weathered the week pretty well (knock on wood), and though I feel a bit like we were spit out the end of a carnival fun-house and into 2015, I wish they were still here, laughing in my living room, close enough to squeeze. 

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merry said...

I could sure use one of your hugs - or more!! Thank you for taking care of all of us, keeping us hydrated, making us soup, letting me eat all your oranges and grapefruit!! The next visit will be in better weather and perhaps we'll forgo a bug.