Thursday, April 16, 2015

for you who are not here

Well, first, this is a fair representation of our past couple of weeks.  Low energies, low fevers, an over-supply of mucous and throat-swell, and intense appreciation for the sun.  It looked like a crime scene, but I didn't have the heart to move any of them.

This week it's my turn, but it's traveling through me quickly (knock on wood, hack hack). Before it got me, I got out for a hike on my own.  Yes, on my own.  I can't tell you when that has happened, and though I was in familiar woods, it was quite exciting.  

Some of our dearest are spending this month - and maybe many more - in Maine, where they have recently had seven fresh inches of snow.  Dearlings, these are for you...

cutleaf toothwort

dutchman's breeches

ah! trillium! what a nice surprise!

The elusive bloodroot, which I fear I might have missed this year. I shall try again this week...
Rue anemone
This place is so beautiful in the spring.  My heart was full at every turn of the path and every new angle of the light.  The rains this week have brought even more color to the hills - the most delicate greens and reds, the deep pinks of the redbud.  One can't stay down for long in these spring days.


merry said...

Oh,I hope all of you are feeling better today.Those darn colds!!They're like bad company - they don't know when to leave!Papa has some trillium blooming in his front yard!Beautiful!

Tokarz said...

oh sweet Debbie, The walk I was wishing to go on with E-walk, pointing out what I have missed. So lovely to see your sights and hear your words. FEel better quickly! and, thank you!